Things to do in AZ during summer BESIDES die of heat.

Yes, I know I complain a whole lot about Arizona…The AWFUL heat. The lack of rain. The lack of diversity. The lack of the activities to do. The lack of seasons. The lack of nightlife. The AWFUL heat. And the abundance of racist bigots. But doesn’t every state have those problems?  haha :) jk Once you dig a little deeper, you will find an abundance of outdoor activities.

Horseback Riding

This Valentine’s Day was the first time that I have ever gone horseback riding on a trail. We got a great deal on Groupon actually  (Daisy’s Secret Tip: Groupon is a great place to get a creative date deals or at least ideas). We woke up early to go on a 2-hour trail at MacDonald’s Ranch. The horses were picked specifically picked for our body types (and personally I also think personalities) by the wranglers and gave us fun facts about the desert along the way. During the summer, most ranches only open for early hours in the morning or in the evening because of the ridiculous daytime temperatures; the heat makes it basically impossible to do anything during the day from 11-5. Don’t worry about being a beginner; you won’t be barrel-racing on these trail rides!

horseback riding in Arizona

Pedal Boating

Another fun summer activity/date is pedal boating. If you decide to partake in this activity I recommend you either get a boat with shade for the day time or wait until the evening because of (you know what I am about to say) how hot it is. It’s a super cute date idea as well! And because it is getting a little warm, I recommend using bug repellent. Personally, I’m a mosquito magnet and we all know mosquitoes love them some still water!Valentine's Day Date Ideas


It’s no secret; Arizona is the perfect place for hiking. I live in the Valley so a 20 minute drive in any direction is a guaranteed hike. I’ve hiked multiple mountains: Camelback Mountain, South Mountain, Usery Mountain, and even the Grand Canyon. At this point in the year I would recommend either going on a sunrise hike or going up North, otherwise it is too hot for a hike. My favorite months to hike are September-March.

hiking arizona


In my personal opinion, tubing with friends is a classic; I’ve done it every summer since sophomore year of high school. Everyone must do it at least once and you will either love it or hate it. Or you will hate that you love it! The river water is always freezing no matter what time of year you go (which feels phenomenal when it is a blistering 110 degrees outside). Once you learn to ignore the obnoxious sorority girls and the swampy parts of the river, you will have fun! Don’t underestimate how much food and water you will need during this 2-6 tubing trip. Although they advice that you don’t do this, expert tubers will tell you that the best way to stay together with your friends (and your food) is if you tie your tubes together. And if you are of the albino pigmentation, I would recommend you wear loads of sunscreen and bring an umbrella for extra protection from the wrath of the Arizonian sun!

Other ideas:

  • Zoo
  • Ice Skating
  • Lake

So get out there this summer and have some fun but when it comes to Arizona, NEVER underestimate the sun!

3 thoughts on “Things to do in AZ during summer BESIDES die of heat.

  1. Hi Daisy, I’ve been thinking about you and your adventures. I can’t say enough about you travels and what your doing with your life. Keep on going. You deserve to travel all around the world in such a unique way. I know how exciting it is to travel, I’ve been there. I’ll send you a present next week. keep on trucking. To your success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Linda

    1. Thank you so much Linda! :) In a few hours I will be heading out to South Africa and this is all happening thanks to your help! :) People like you inspire me to keep on trucking!

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