An Unorthodox Valentine’s Day


It is that mushy gushy time of year again; Valentine’s Day. Boyfriends run around like a chicken without a head, trying to figure out the “perfect” romantic evening and buying $50 teddy bears that his girlfriend will stuff in her mom’s garage after a month. Single girls post statuses on Facebook about how they don’t need a man and are perfectly content with downing a gallon of Nutella on Valentine’s Day (kudos, now nobody cares).

Unrealistic expectations and cliches ruin this so-called “holiday”. But there is hope! Here are a few ideas on how to give your significant other an unorthodox Valentine’s Day (may I add these are wallet-friendly ideas).


If you live next to a lake (real or man-made) a nice little cruise during sunset is a great idea for a Valentine’s Day date that is fun, interactive and not too much work. This date is perfect for couples that are starting out and don’t want to make anything awkward by trying too hard for this simple holiday. If you choose to rent a pedal boat (like the one below), you can rent it by the hour. If you are trying to go more fancy, be sure to check out the electric boats; they come with a table top for a simple Valentine’s Day dinner out at “sea”. Renting boats is a more creative alternative to catching a movie. Where is the interaction in sitting in front of large screen? Don’t you want to get to know your date?

Valentine's Day Date Ideas


A long hike away from the world brings us closer together. Mother Nature brings no distractions, and no signal either. Without having to constantly update, tweet or text you will have a more intimate time with your date. This date is ideal for couples that enjoy exercising and the sheer beauty of Mother Nature.

Valentine's Day date ideasThe Symphony

If you are not the outdoorsy type and rather more of the artsy type then you might want to try a night out at the symphony. This a great opportunity to dress up nice and maybe go to a nice dinner before the symphony. You don’t have to splurge on symphony tickets either; music is to be enjoyed by the ears not the eyes. If you feel like you must see the instruments but you can’t afford the tickets to be up close, bring some compact binoculars for the occasional glance.


If you are trying to find an excuse to hold your date’s hand, here is one: roller-skating. When she is stumbling around on her skates, you, the knight in shining armor can grab a hold of her hand and save her. Around Valentine’s Day roller rinks will probably be Valentine’s Day themed as well, adding to the corny but cute ambiance. This is laid back date with a low price.

Other fun ideas:

  • Hot-air balloon ride
  • Going to the zoo
  • Horseback riding
  • Making dinner together
  • Drive-In movies


Do you have any creative Valentine’s Day date ideas? I want to hear them! Tell me your story in the comments below.

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