The Irks and Quirks of a Traveler

As a traveler there are just some things that make you want to punch people in the face whether it’s at the airport or at home. The offender can be anyone from a total stranger to the person sitting next to you on the plane to your friend. To prevent annoying a traveller you must know the irks and quirks of a traveler.

  • When people assume that the world is a gross and dangerous place filled with barbaric human beings and dirty water.
  • When people say there are more important things to spend your money on than travel (i.e. a car). As if I don’t already know what I don’t have…
  • Friends and family that think you are absolutely going to die visiting a foreign country.
  • Ridiculous baggage fees. #aintnobodygottimeforthat
  • Money, money, money. Why is everything so expensive?!
  • When people assume that every other country every lives in huts without indoor plumbing.
  • Overpriced airport food. If you have to sleep at airport prepare to go broke due to airport meals.
  • When people bring suitcases onto the plane as carry-ons causing there not to be enough room for everyone else REAL carry-ons.
  • Crying babies on airplanes. Please. Stop.
  • Middle seats. It sucks sleeping on a plane as it is but the middle seat is the absolute worst.
  • Getting a middle seat with a snorer on one side and a lady with a crying child on the other. Lord have mercy…

Hopefully you at least get a good meal. Thank you British Airways!

british airways food

5 thoughts on “The Irks and Quirks of a Traveler

  1. Wow – you have a few irks and quirks
    I find the best way to deal with some of those things that are irky are
    *plan your flight so you don’t have to sleep at the airport – and if you do have to sleep and eat there, pay the expensive price, at least your not the poor sod that is working there
    *crying babies – they don’t know how to make that pain in their ears go away, their mother is very aware that everyone is thinking ‘shut that baby up’ which of course makes them feel quite paranoid, which in turn makes their baby a little stressed, so if at some point you catch her eye, smile sympathetically. I would think you would like to take your children on adventures when the time comes – adventure doesn’t stop cause of a baby – it makes it way more interesting.
    *hmmm, the middle seat – that’s always a challenge – but your going on holiday! I’d take the middle seat on a plane over the seat in the office
    *baggage fees – don’t take so much baggage!

    I love traveling, I love airports, I love airport food, I love getting there and I love coming home – and what makes it even greater is that I make memories with people – yes, even my crying babies. Well, they aren’t that little anymore, and they don’t cry, but I would probably have been one of those mothers at some point in time people would have thought – why does she have a baby on the plane! Well, at least it wasn’t a snake.

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