San Juan Capistrano: a town of history

If you want to go somewhere with plenty of history and a hint of faith, San Juan Capistrano is your place. This is not the first time I have visited my Mom’s hometown but I enjoyed this visit as much as the other. My Mom tells stories about the swallows and how the mission used to be filled with them. You used to be able to buy bird seed at the entrance and the feed the flocks of swallows. Now there are only remnants of swallows nests and a few of them hanging around. Even though a gruesome earthquake nearly destroyed this historical landmark, the mission’s beauty has not ceased. The architecture and detail that goes into making cathedrals, missions and other places of worship has always amazed me. No matter how impoverished the area is, their place of worship is always beautiful. Maybe it’s because at one point in time, faith was all people had.

You can visit Mission San Juan Capistrano year round. Feel free to check out the story of the swallows as well!

5 thoughts on “San Juan Capistrano: a town of history

    1. Exactly! Religious structures look like a distraction of the hardships that these towns or villages might have gone through. They are a combination of beauty and bliss.

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