Hot Air Balloons on a Cold Winter Night

I grew up in a town called Gilbert. That town started off as a bunch of dairy farms and alfalfa fields and has now become a city with over 25,000 people and even hot air balloon showcases. Going back to your hometown from college always creates this feeling of nostalgia. It feels like so long ago that I would go to the nearby park and jump with my siblings in the piles of autumn leaves. It felt great coming home and spending some quality family time looking at these beautiful balloons on a cold winter night.

Can you imagine how the idea looked when hot air balloons were first invented; you would trust a balloon with your life? But someone out there had to take that leap of faith. There is something simply magical about balloons; like it is a mode of transportation to Oz.  It’s on my bucket list to ride a hot air balloon someday.

Have you had any fun experiences with balloons?

9 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloons on a Cold Winter Night

  1. We rode a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey last year and it was amazing! I’m afraid of heights, so I was a bit nervous, but once I was up in the air, I hardly noticed at all. It was such a peaceful feeling. :)

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