Why do girls who like the outdoors have to look like masculine hippies?


Whenever people envision a girl that loves reptiles and hiking people automatically assume she looks like Chuck Noland from Cast Away, all masculine and rugged.

Why must she look like a tomboy? Why can’t she be feminine? Why isn’t she allowed to wear a dress and lip gloss?

Now I know most are thinking, only men think this way about women who like the outdoors, but I beg to differ. I think it is mostly women that think this way! Allow me to explain why:

In middle school and high school I was a volunteer at the Desert Botanical Gardens and part of the Ecology Club. I always felt that the other nature aficionados, especially girls, thought of me less because I was a “girly-girl”. They thought I didn’t care as much about the environment and that I would worry about getting my clothes dirty or that I would be the type to freak out over a bug in our tent. Boy I proved them wrong! I was always one of the best hikers and I knew so much about the native species that they would call me a “tour guide”. (Girls can be so judgmental!)

Hiking down the Grand Canyon

I have always loved animals and nature. Like I said in my ABOUT ME page, when I played “pretend” as a little girl I would pretend to be Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. I loved making mini-adventures for my little sister and I. These were intricate adventures around our house with handmade maps, makeshift tents, and saving stuffed animals from extinction.

I love the feeling of mud and sand on my feet.
I love running through rain.
I love hiking.
I love camping.
I love nature.

But I also love a nice pair of heels and lip gloss.
Is that a crime? Why can’t you have the best of both worlds?

I have hiked in the Grand Canyon and still managed to look stylish. I love having my hair done. I wear mascara when I go hiking (believe it or not it actually helps from ruining my eyesight because it serves as an umbrella from the sun rays).  But that doesn’t stop me from snowboarding down a slope.

Snow Bowl 2013
Snow Bowl 2013
First time snowboarding!
First time snowboarding!

I enjoy being wild and I enjoy being feminine.

This is why I would love to have my own show about embarking on different adventures around the world, meddling with dangerous creatures, eating strange foods, and interacting with those who are native to the land.

Young girls need a role model! Just like how I needed someone to look at and say “She is pretty but she is wild!”. I also would love to have my own line of outdoor clothing. I can picture it already: comfy clothes in bold colors!

I even play football in my Easter Sunday dresses!

Bottom line: There are stylish girls out there that love the outdoors but also love to look divas! And there is NOTHING wrong with that. And they probably could give you a run for your money if you were to compete against her in Survivor.


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