Take time for sunsets.

We run on a 24/7 cycle.

News is 24/7.
Stores are open 24/7.
Restaurants are open 24/7.
We are busy 24/7.
We are worried 24/7.

We don’t take enough time to do little things such as enjoy the sunset.
Maybe that is why people are unhappy with their lives. They don’t enjoy the small things in life. I gave thanks today for the gift of sight. With that gift I can see sunsets like these. If you feel like you don’t have much, look around and see what and who are you surrounded by.

Sunset at the Grand Canyon
Sunset at the Grand Canyon. Look at how flat the canyon is!

I know what you are thinking “That’s not fair, you have a picture of the sunset at the Grand Canyon!” Well, sunsets are beautiful wherever you live. Here is a picture from my college dorm:

Best part of living in Arizona: the sunsets.
Best part of living in Arizona: the sunsets.

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