Hiking South Mountain, finally escaping.

On our way to start our off-road trail. Yes, we realized the sun was setting quickly...
On our way to start our off-road trail. Yes, we realized the sun was soon to set…

I have been more than stressed lately (let’s just say the doctor told my healthy 19-year-old self that I need to watch my blood pressure), so I was more than ready for a nature get away.

Nature just has a way of taking me away from all my stresses, problems and worries.

One of the great things about living in Phoenix, Arizona is that we are located in a Valley surrounded with mountains. You can drive 20 minutes in one direction and get to a hiking trail! So that is exactly what we did. And we begun our quest up South Mountain (specifically the Alta Trail).

Beef tacos with cilantro and salsa :)
Beef tacos with cilantro and salsa :)

A brief stop was made prior to driving to the mountain. You can’t hike on an empty stomach! TACO TIME! We stopped to get some tacos to-go from one of our favorite AUTHENTIC Mexican restaurants, La Tolteca. Gotta love $1 tacos. :) OK, now that we had sustenance, we began our journey.

Just walking in the silence of nature made me feel good right away. Everyone always tries to fill in silence by talking or listening to music . Why must we always make noise? SILENCE IS GOLDEN. Sometimes we need to shut our mouths and just awe at the beauty of the world. Once you are silent you can hear the sounds of the birds and the wind rushing the leaves. You can smell the sweetness of the Creosote Bush. You can see the beauty of the rock formations.

Sign of Spring
Sign of Spring

The air was filled with Spring fever and so was I! After being cooped up for endless days in my college dorm in the inner city and being frustrated over assignments, it felt AMAZING to feel the gravel beneath me and the world covered in wildlife once again.

I am, once again, reminded about my passion for the environment. And, once again, I question whether or not I am going into the right field.College can be really frustrating if you are taking it seriously.

Well back to my adventure. It was quite windy that day, with just a hint of cold. The strong breeze left my face numb but it fill my lungs to the rim! I felt like I could jump hurdles (which would actually be quite the feat for me because I am not athletically-oriented haha)!

A sea of blooming flowers.
A sea of blooming flowers.

We almost made it to the end of the trail but decided to head back down because the sun was setting. In Arizona, the sunsets are beyond beautiful but they will sneak up on you!

On our way up and on our way down we heard (and saw!) a coyote cry out to the rising moon and it’s pack respond with howls and barks. The time that we saw the coyote I felt like we locked eyes. He knew we were there. So he then went about his business. I don’t think that people realize that animals are more afraid of us than we are to them.

Sunset was just like any other sunset in Arizona: BEAUTIFUL. On our way back to the car, we just walked along in silence, not wanting to disturb Mother Nature from falling asleep. Interesting enough, we caught ourselves whispering after that. haha :)

For me 2 hours of hiking is as stress-relieving as 5 hours of acupuncture and 9 hours of massages.

Just what the doctor ordered.



Photo Credit: Donte Robinson (my beau. I forgot my Canon so we used cell phones lol)

3 thoughts on “Hiking South Mountain, finally escaping.

    1. Thank you! :) I was so upset that out of all the days I go out with my Canon camera, I forgot it this time so we used our cell phones to take pics. Pretty soon we won’t even need cameras!

  1. I’ve really been enjoying looking through some of your posts! My husband and I are a couple months away from moving back to the states from Japan, and we sometimes worry that traveling around the US won’t be as fun. After reading some of your posts I find myself looking forward to the possibility of visiting Arizona one day :-)

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