Museo del Prado

So if you’ve read my ABOUT ME page you have seen that my last name is Prado. Upon researching the background of my last name, I found out that it originates in Spain. You could imagine how surprised I was when I discovered I am Spanish royalty because my grandparents are from Mexico and most of my family is Mexican.

It looks like the White House!
It looks like the White House!

Intrigued by the fact that I might have family in Spain, I began looking for my surname in their history. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit that I learned from the research expedition is that there is a museum named after my last name: MUSEO NACIONAL DEL PRADO!

Not only does it have the same last name but it is also one of Spain’s most popular tourist attractions with one of the world’s best collections of European art!

It costs about 14 Euros for admission but it is free during 6-8 p.m. on Monday- Saturday and 5-8 p.m. on Sundays.

Masterpieces from the Prado collection are currently on display in Houston, TX until the 31st of March.

Museo Del Prado
Love this! Looks like you are peering through a window.

El Museo del Prado features not only paintings but prints, drawings, decorative arts, sculptures and even coins.

This museum is a must-see if you are ever in Madrid and especially a lover of art from the12th to the 19th century!

But beware the sculptures are for a mature audience because the simple nudity…

Museo Del Prado
An exhibit inside the museum.

4 thoughts on “Museo del Prado

  1. Hello Daisy, in Europe nude statues are in the squares also and in the St Peter in Rome.
    We call it Art and get used to it from birth seeing it every where. Be prepared if you go to Italy.

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