“A Whole New World…” D.C. Edition

A few months ago I went to D.C. for a business journalism conference and it was my first dose of the East Coast. In my perspective (others claim D.C. not to be part of the coast) it is my first taste of the “East Coast” and I LOVED IT. The people are different, the ambiance […]

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Chewed up by the travel bug

Recently I been bitten by the travel bug. Actually, scratch that, I have been CHEWED UP by the travel bug. I just want to go go go! Well I found an opportunity to do that by entering in My Destination’s “My Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List” competition! In doing so, I have the opportunity of traveling […]

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Museo del Prado

So if you’ve read my ABOUT ME page you have seen that my last name is Prado. Upon researching the background of my last name, I found out that it originates in Spain. You could imagine how surprised I was when I discovered I am Spanish royalty because my grandparents are from Mexico and most […]

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