Redefine the definition of the best city in the World

So when people talk about “The Best City in the World” which are they usually referring to? That is correct. New York City. So when I found out that was attending a business journalism conference in NYC, I was more than stoked! Although I was only there for basically 2 nights and 1 day (the […]

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Japan comes to the Valley of the Sun

Arizona is full of festivals: Beer Festival, Aloha Fest, Tempe Arts Festival, Mardi Gras, Rainbows Festival, Matsuri Festival, etc. :) I got a glimpse of the Japanese Matsuri Festival. My videos are usually more upbeat buuuuut my videography class requires me to be more boring and “professional”… haha :) Enjoy and leave some comments, hate […]

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California Love

This week I have been on an adventure in Los Angeles with as part of a project for my business journalism class. Also, we were sponsored which is probably the best part of this whole trip! :) This trip, once again, reminded why I LOVE CALIFORNIA! I was born in Orange County, CA but I […]

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