Land of Beauty and Liberty: Washington D.C.

I recently went to Washington D.C. for a business journalism conference (SABEW) and I fell in LOVE with the city. The more places I go to, the less I want to come back! It was a nice 50-60 degrees in D.C. and it is almost a 100 degrees over here in Phoenix…

What I learned from visiting our nation’s capitol:

  • It is unusually clean for being a city.
  • It is quite spacious and green for being a city.
  • The people are surprisingly polite.
  • EVERYONE dresses so professionally (which makes me soooo happy)
  • D.C. is a big melting pot of cultures.
  • The hot dogs are actually good!!!

Going around in National Mall in D.C. is like taking a trip down memory lane of history class. You are surrounded by history. You are surrounded by statues and monuments of moments in our nation’s history that sculpted our nation’s future.

I give thanks to those who fought/fight for this country. I give thanks to live in a country where I can decide what to do with my life. I give thanks to my family for risking everything to give me a better future.

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