Mother Nature is larger than life

In November 2012 I embarked on adventure to hike in one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World: The Grand Canyon. We arrived before sunrise at the rim of the canyon; by far it was one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen! (And that says a lot because Arizona is known for having beautiful sunrises) Surrounding me was a swarm of visitors from all over the world. We might not have been able to speak the same language, but I could still understand their excitement and awe in the presence of such a beautiful sight. If there is one thing we all have in common it’s living on the same planet.

But the beauty didn’t stop there; we proceeded with our 5-hour hike down the South Kaibab Trail. The sights were even more breath-taking inside the canyon. The colors from the layers of sedimentary rock added to the quality of our pictures. I was also lucky enough to snap pictures of different birds, mule deer and elk. Looking out from our trail, all I could see was canyon wall after wall. I felt like I was on a whole new planet (Also the powdery red sand made me feel like I was on the surface of Mars). In one of the pictures below the caption reads “Larger than Life” and at that moment, all I was thinking was that Mother Nature is just so much larger than life. I could not grasp at how small I felt!

I definitely got my work out on the hike back up! Good thing I had the scenery to distract me from my aching quadriceps. Might I mention that I also went from wearing a coat and mittens at the top of the canyon, to sweating in my normal clothes a few hours later. Canyon temperatures fluctuate like crazy and if it is windy, you must be careful not to fly right off the trail.

The sunset was equally if not more beautiful than the sunrise. If you have watched Disney’s “The Lion King” and the scene in the beginning with the sunrise and the sunset, imagine seeing that in person!

My adventure in the Grand Canyon proved to be everything I hoped for and more. Humankind can create plenty of things, but they cannot recreate the beauty that is Mother Nature.

12 thoughts on “Mother Nature is larger than life

  1. You lucky thing! It looks beautiful. If you ever get the chance i think you’d love the Kimberley’s in Western Australia. The sheer isolation is astonishing.

    1. Isolation is a beautiful thing. I am not trying to sound like an introvert but the sound of silence is great! We are so used to being tuned into our iPods all the time.

      I will have to check out the Kimberley’s someday! :)

      1. I love my wife dearly BUT she doesn’t like camping. In fact, she hates it with a passion. I, however, love it with a passion. So far, she’s winning….

  2. I also was at the Grand Canyon in November. The highlight for me was the wildlife…..well, ok the view too. The weather was super cold and therefore we didn’t do the hiking we wanted. I guess we’ll just need to return. Great photos!

    1. Ingrid, yes it was freezing at first when we watched the sunrise but as descended further into the canyon, it got A LOT warmer. I was sweating at one point and I was wearing was my long sleeve. Maybe you should try going again in late spring! The hiking was my favorite part :)

      Happy Travels,

    1. It is beautiful! :) The trails can be tricky though! I hiked one of the easiest trails and I was out of breath on the way up. hahaha :) When you go, make sure to not just walk around the rim. Watching the sunrise at the rim of the canyon was great but my favorite views were from hiking into the canyon. :)

      Happy Travels,

      1. We went to Maine last year and wanted to go hiking at Acadia National Park. But to get there took a long time, 6 hours driving from where we live. We’re tired already, hahaha. Thanks for sharing your experience, Daisy.

  3. I found that pictures do not begin to compare to the awe you feel when you stand at the rim of the Grand Canyon. Truly breathtaking!

    1. Pam,
      I agree! Pictures do not do the Grand Canyon justice. AND my camera died half way through the hike…Oh well the best pictures are memories! :)
      Happy Travels!

      1. Yes, the best pictures are what you see when you close your eyes. If I can’t take a picture, I “memorize” it for keeps. Have a great summer!

  4. Wow, the Grand Canyon is a dream destination of many travelers! Your 5-hour hike sounds like something I’d like to do myself if I ever get the chance to go there. Lovely pictures too!

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