Sharks are friends, not food. Or enemies.

I had the pleasure of seeing the Great White Shark up close and it was easily one of the best experiences of my life! Hands down. With that being said, I don’t understand how people make this apex predator seem like a monster. Yes, it can easily tear your limbs off from left and right but when you are up close to it while it is munching on the rickety cage surrounding you, awe is the only emotion your mind will be filled with. Just like most predators in this world, Great White Sharks are misunderstood and for that reason they are abused. Humans tend to fear anything they don’t understand and then that fear can turn into hatred. Unfortunately, Shark Week doesn’t help by capitalizing on the predators hunting behavior and inflicting more fear into our heads. Instead of taking their word for it, I dare you to experience they creatures up close yourself; you might find yourself falling in love with them like I did.

Feel free to watch my mini video of my adventure shark cage diving with my fellow interns. This was my first time wearing a wetsuit, on a boat, and shark cage diving so you could imagine how accomplished I felt afterwards! I highly recommend shark cage diving in South Africa, as it is notorious for its ruthless predators and PLENTY cheaper than in the United States. Cheers!

shark cage diving south africa

7 thoughts on “Sharks are friends, not food. Or enemies.

  1. I enjoyed your video Daisy but i would just NEVER do that! All those bars on the shark cage looked bent. Kudos to you though! I snorkeled with sharks in the West Indies . . . but not for long! I got out of the water as soon as I realized what they were. lol

    1. You are much braver if you swam in the open sea!! I have yet to do that but there are so many things that can go wrong. :P No matter how dangerous or mysterious the big blue is, I absolutely love it. :) Cheers!

  2. Wow, looks/sounds like an incredible experience there!
    You’re a lot braver than me haha, i have a massive shark phobia, but i guess i should face the fear one day…

    1. You definitely need to experience shark cage diving! :) As sketchy as our cage was, I grew to love those fierce beasts. I never imagined myself doing that.

  3. Daisy this is the coolest thing you’ve done so far (in our opinion!). I’m totally jealous and would LOVE to experience the same one day. May need to leave Costa Rica for South Africa soon… ;)
    Pura vida!

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