My key to traveling the world!

travel tuesday

Passport? Check!

After scrambling to find my birth certificate so I could get my passport for South Africa in time, it has arrived in all it’s glory. It’s crazy how giddy as person can get over this little booklet.  You want to carry around, show it off to everyone, and post it all over social media. You realize this is my key to traveling the world! Then you open it and look at that horrendous mugshot (because we all know that you are not allowed to smile in passport pictures) and never want to show it off again. lol

When did you first get a passport and why? Comment below! 

4 thoughts on “My key to traveling the world!

  1. I only got mine (only the card….I’m yet to buy the actual booklet) because I go to MX often. Surprisingly I like my passport picture, It makes me look like I have great skin =)

  2. I really enjoy your blog. Because of this I nominated your blog in the 2014 Liebster Award. If you haven’t heard of it, its a “paying it forward” award to highlight other bloggers who you enjoy following.
    This is not spam but to be sure, you may like to google it first before clicking on the link (I know, did!). Thanks for sharing your blog!

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