Redefine the definition of the best city in the World

Times Square, New York City

So when people talk about “The Best City in the World” which are they usually referring to? That is correct. New York City. So when I found out that was attending a business journalism conference in NYC, I was more than stoked! Although I was only there for basically 2 nights and 1 day (the conference took up most of the days) I feel like I got a good feel of New York. That brings up the question what defines the best city in the world? Is the culture? The population? The amount of skyscrapers? The amount of tourists? The environment? I don’t think it is fair to just say the blanket statement that NYC is the best.

If you ask my Mom she would say that Gilbert, Arizona is the best. Why? Because of the cleanliness and because it is a great place to raise a family.

If you ask my friend Marlena what is the best city in the World she would probably say San Francisco with all it’s buzz and culture.

And if you ask me what is the greatest city in world I would tell you that I haven’t decided. Yet. :)

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