Packing for a Business Trip

As you all probably know by now I went on a trip to LA with my business journalism class. This was a trip full of fun (of course, it’s California) but also full of business. So I needed to pack accordingly. Checked baggage on plane can be quite expensive these days, so it is important to consolidate. I am willing to pay for one luggage and have my free carry-on. I recommend flying on Southwest Airlines because they let you fly your first 2 luggage  plus your carry-on for FREE!!!

If you ever go on a business trip where you know you will also have time to go out here is a list (sorry boys but this is for girls only, although some of these items are unisex).

  • laptop
  • cellphone
  • Ipod
  • camera
  • chargers/cords for laptop, cell etc.
  • debit/credit cards
  • cash
  • ID and possibly passport
  • sunglasses
  • deodorant! (double check for this one)
  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • face wash
  • perfume/bodyspray
  • razor (Do not put this in your carry-on!)
  • lotion
  • shampoo/conditioner (don’t forget how nuts TSA is these days so make sure to take small bottles)
  • iron curler or straightner (depends on which one you use the most)
  • hairspray
  • make-up (foundation, blush/bronzer, powder, basic eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss/lipstick, chapstick, eye liner)
  • tweezers
  • black and/or brown belt
  • a few bras (at least a strapless, black and white)
  • 1 pair of underwear for each day
  • a few pairs of socks
  • flip flops (can be used on the beach, poolside or in the gross showers)
  • nude or white heels
  • black heels
  • black flats
  • nude/white flats (I realize this is a lot of shoes but any occasion may arise; one must be prepared!)
  • regular jeans
  • black slacks
  • white jeans
  • business skirt (Pencil skirts are OK but please make sure you wear appropriate undies & that it is knee-length)
  • a pair of shorts
  • yoga pants (to sleep in or exercise)
  • hoodie/sporty sweater (again to sleep in or go somewhere sporty)
  • a few blouses
  • a black & white blazer (suit jacket)
  • maybe a sun dress
  • swimsuit (pool or beach time!)
  • definitely a business dress (remember that this is a business dress not a club dress, so knee-length)
  • a black and white undershirt (I know sheer shirts are in so don’t forget those)
  • a face towel and/or body towel (I am a germ-a-phob so I don’t like drying my face with a hotel towel)
  • a few snacks & water bottles (put these in your checked luggage so that way TSA won’t through them out, sneaky!)

Believe it or not this is all fit in my business tote bag (carry-on) and my luggage that went in the cargo. I used this over the span of a week filled with business meetings during the day, dining out at night, frolicking on the beach, attending a late night show and more. :)

Jenna Marbles also has her own funky version of how girls pack. Click on the video to watch!

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