Handling the Airport Like a Boss

After spending nights at airports, flying for 32 hours and traveling to different countries around the world I have learned that there are certain items that are crucial to handling the airport like a boss. Portable Chargers- Truly genius inventions. These little gizmos were made for workaholics who are always plugged into their phones and travelers who […]

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We did it.

As most of you know by now, I have been selected to intern this summer in South Africa for an environmental journalism and travel writing program. I have always wanted to study abroad but never had the means to do it. And by means I mean MONEY. The little piece of paper that rules my […]

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Sorry to keep everyone hanging. The end of the semester was a killer. Finals, projects, etc…I know what you are thinking… #firstworldproblems  Talking about final projects, feel free to check out my final video about the Red Bull Chariot Race. More posts coming soon! As well as an award and a big announcement! :)

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Chewed up by the travel bug

Recently I been bitten by the travel bug. Actually, scratch that, I have been CHEWED UP by the travel bug. I just want to go go go! Well I found an opportunity to do that by entering in My Destination’s “My Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List” competition! In doing so, I have the opportunity of traveling […]

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BONITA: In Spanish bonita means pretty. Bonita is also the name of my Maltese-Llhasa mixed dog. Although it is hard to see in the picture above she was cutest darnest thing alive when we got her (and I still think she is!)! When the employees at the pet shop brought our a few puppies for us […]

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Packing for a Business Trip

As you all probably know by now I went on a trip to LA with my business journalism class. This was a trip full of fun (of course, it’s California) but also full of business. So I needed to pack accordingly. Checked baggage on plane can be quite expensive these days, so it is important […]

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To a land far away…

Have you ever just wanted to go far away and not come back for a while? Well that is EXACTLY how I feel right now! I want to be out there, enjoying the world and actually living. I am not the type to give up so I would still finish college, but I want to […]

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