My Bucketlist of Countries to Visit

5 thoughts on “My Bucketlist of Countries to Visit

    1. I better do it soon too! I had to go to the doctor’s the other day and I found out I have high blood pressure. AS A 19-YEAR-OLD!!!!! I need a good escape. haha :P

  1. From that list, I’d definitely love to see Brazil, Peru and Jamaica.

    Greece is awesome. Love the islands, man. Super chill and friendly folks. Nude beaches and delicious food, need I say more?

    Italy is also quite fun. Met lots of lovely, immigrants in Italy. Loved Milan, would enjoy a trip back to check out Rome.

    France is everything I thought it would be! My mom hated it, but I thought it was beautiful in an artsy, architectural way. Wine country was a delight and Paris was like the New York City of Europe. Perhaps the people are a bit standoffish, but I didn’t encounter anyone who was rude. The folks I met in Paris was very helpful and I appreciated their excellent public transportation. I would go back in a heartbeat.

    Egypt is my least favorite of all the countries I’ve visited so far. perhaps it’s because all I saw was the slums and poverty of Cairo. I didn’t think the pyramids were impressive up close and I thought the people were afraid of Americans, while the vendors and merchants were downright rude and nasty. Of course, I visited right before the Arab spring, so maybe that had something to do with the attitudes I encountered, but first impressions are the most memorable and Egypt did not leave a good one with me.

    I’m checking out Spain and Portugal this summer, but in a few years, I want to save up again and go to Machu Picchu.

    1. WOWZERS. I didn’t know you were a professional traveler!!! One of the many talents of Miss Perri Collins. :) Now I feel better. I figured that as a journalist I would never have the opportunity to travel.

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