Wacky Wine Weekend

For anyone who is a self-proclaimed wine enthusiast, the Wacky Wine Festival was the place to be. Thousands from all around the world packed into Robertson Wine Valley to get a taste of some of the world’s finest wines. Filled with scrumptious foods, amusing activities, and an absurd amount of wine, there was something for everyone.

The first thing that participants did was collect their Passports at the entrance which included their personal glass, a guide to the festival and a water bottle to help pace themselves. Then off they went into the wacky world of wine!

Festival-goers made a big splash by taking a dip into the pool full of red wine at Roodezandt’s winery. For R50, participants switched into their swimming suits and went down a slippery slide into a massive pool as spectators cheered on while they sipped on their wines. With winning grins they stepped out of the pool drenched in wine, ready to take a picture and collect their free bottle of wine.

As you walked into Robertson Winery the beautiful melody of “Bitter Sweet Symphony” filled the air as the dynamic duo, Dirkie and Talisa performed on the violin and the guitar. It was the perfect music to go with the tasty fried food and wine combo being served inside. Everyone was munching on a crispy, chip twister from a food truck outside that had whichever flavor your heart desired, with Chutney being the most popular flavor of the day.

Everyone was welcome to the festival, even parents with children. Robertson Wine Valley prides itself in being a “family-destination” and had programs at selected wineries dedicated for small children. Parents could also purchase Kiddo Passports that included colouring books, bubbles and all sorts of other goodies.

The popular picks of the weekend were Robertson’s Wolfkloof Shiraz, Major’s Hill Pinotage, and Roodezandt’s Special Late Harvest. The Pinotage had more of an oak flavor with a smoky tobacco undertone. To my surprise, out of all of Robertson’s wines Shiraz took the title as the most popular with its spicy taste and a full body that was firm but still soft enough to roll off the tongue. For beginning wine drinkers Robertson’s Gewurztraminer had the perfect concoction of fruitiness and an agreeable combination of sugar and acidity to run smoothly down your throat. The smell of it reminded many tasters of dessert!

Wacky Wine Weekend was an event not to miss but just in case you did make sure to mark your calendars for next year’s festival on June 4-7.

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