Beach Camping a little; living a little


This summer was the second year our family went beach camping; a tradition I am trying to maintain simply because I LOVE IT. There is nothing better than waking up breathing the ocean breeze and taking a morning stroll on the beach. Beach camping brings our family closer together than any holiday. Everyone stops texting and internet trolling for at least these few days.

We all need at least one day with just yourself and nature. I think that is what is wrong with the world (stress, suicide, depression, divorce, violence, etc.) We are not taking a personal day to just BREATHE. We are too caught up with life and making money that we forget that our minds and bodies need a break. We were not built to work 24/7, 365 days a year! And although I am telling you this, I sometimes am guilty of not taking a breather. I have had more stress attacks as a 20-year-old than most people have in their lives! I am guilty of working too much because I love what money brings (and also because I have to pay off tuition).  I am guilty of constantly checking my email. I am guilty of constantly checking social media. I am guilty of having to “post” every event of my life on some form of social media. I am guilty of not enjoying life at times.

Beach camping is the ultimate escape. Not to mention San Clemente is one of the cleanest beaches in America! Which is great to know when you spend almost 7 hours in the water, riding waves on your boogie board. I don’t get out of the water until I look like a prune! I am blessed with darker skin pigmentation so I don’t sunburn easily; I feel for those who do…

Something about roasting marshmallows and teaching your little brother how to ride a boogie board heals the soul.

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