Food Galore in LA

If there is one thing that LA doesn’t lack, it’s food. While spending last week in downtown LA I tried many different foods from all cultures (especially Latin foods). You can food in ever corner and crevice in LA AND for a reasonable price. Not to mention one portion of food is quite large and easily feed two people.

I ate mainly in the Grand Central Market which was close to where our group was staying. And it worked out to be great! There was an assortment of Latin American foods in the market. I had everything from tacos to pupusas to flautas!

Down the street also was Little Tokyo. That is where I enjoyed some fresh sushi at a revolving sushi bar. I have been to quite a bit of sushi places here in Arizona but everything is more fresh in CALIFORNIA! :) I jammed myself full of sushi.



Another tasty place that can be found in abundance in California is Pinkberry! :) This delicious frozen yogurt place has every fresh fruit topping that you can think of. Even though it all looked so delicious I don’t take risks with food and stick to what I love best: mango flavor. Frozen yogurt over all is delicious in all its lightness and sweetness but it won’t leave you feeling like you had a sugar overdose.


2 thoughts on “Food Galore in LA

  1. Oo, happy to hear Pinkberry can be found throughout California. We are taking our first trip ever there in a couple of months, but we will be in San Francisco!

    1. I actually haven’t been in San Fran but I heard the locals are really colorful and friendly. :) I just love California in general. I was born in Orange County and moved out to this desert of Arizona. haha :) (Sorry if I sound a little remorseful.)

      But good luck! :) I bet you will love it!

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